Solutions for after-sales problems of LED display board or 7segment LED digit sign products

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          When there is a problem with the LED display or 7segment LED digit sign product, what should I do?

          Dear customers, please carefully check the following situations and corresponding solutions!

          Reminder: After each receipt of the product, please check the outer packaging and appearance of the product, and confirm that there is no problem before connecting to the power supply.

          For example this problematic LED 7segment digit number:

7 segment digit number problem

No. Common Problem Part Solution
1 LED digit beads not bright 1) Some lamp beads in different segments do not light up ① Whether the whole segment is not bright;
② Whether some parts are false welding;
③ Check whether the signal output port (HUB) or the IC of the drive card is soldered or damaged;
④ Check the output voltage is 12V or not;
⑤ Summarize the above situation and still not working
A. Change LED 7 segment digits/NIXIE tube
B. change the LED beads of the PCB digits
C. change the drive card / the HUB output port's IC(D882) of the back side of the PCB digits
D. Use universal electric meter to check the direct current, ensure is 12V
E. Summarize the above situation and still not working: Replace the drive card/HUB port/LED digits
2) Only a few beads are lighting on the LED digit
3) The time part of the scoreboard is not fully displayed


             If the problem is not resolved, please ask our staff for after-sales assistance.

             For more solutions, please check the after-sales problem summary table.

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