PUUSLED WEEKLY--Advertising LED Text Sign Introduction

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Advertising LED Display LED Text Sign Introduction

  1. Display up to 100 lines of text

  2. Vary and combine different text sizes, helping to get your message across

  3. Use over 100 characters per line on our larger displays

  4. Make your message stand out by using bold characters

  5. Display different characters and graphic symbols, including currency signs

  6. Vary the scrolling speed and direction to make your messages engaging and interesting

  7. Display your messages in color, with our full color LED scrolling light signs

  8. We supply both indoor and outdoor message board signs, with our outdoor signs complying with IP65 and our window installations using Ultrabright LEDs to combat glare from the sun.

PUUSLED is manufacture in LED digital signs and LED message signs from 2008.

We will always provide high quality and good customer service.

Official Website:https://www.poosled.com/

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