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Factory Manufacture Wireless Control Portable Led Basketball Scoreboard

LED Module  
LED Chips parameter
Color Brightness Wave Length Current Operating
Viewing angel LED
Chips size
Luminous flux
RED 4000mcd 620-630 60MA 1.9-2.4V 60°/120°
10*20Mil 620-630K 2LM
GREEN 10000mcd 515-525 3.0-3.4V 515-525K 3LM
BLUE 8000mcd 515-525 2.5-3.0V 460-470K 3LM
YELLOW 3500mcd 585-590 1.9-2.2V 588-595K 1.5LM
WHITE 12000mcd 0 3.0-3.4V 6000-7000K 5LM

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